Hervé LENOUVEL Artist

About Hervé


Hervé Lenouvel distinguishes himself through his use of the oil knife painting technique to create abstract landscapes in compositions that are both streamlined and rich in details.

He is fascinated by the contrasts between natural elements like trees and water, and the simple geometric shapes he incorporates into his paintings. He employs vibrant and saturated colors to create striking visual contrasts and add depth to his works.

His paintings are often interpretations of nature, approached in an abstract manner, where he plays with shapes and colors to create compositions that are both familiar and surprising.

To him, the landscape is the ultimate expression of creative freedom, allowing him to play with visual elements to create something entirely unique and personal.

He manages to create expressive works that captivate viewers. His passion for the technique and commitment to the theme of abstract landscapes make him an artist worth closely following.


His paintings are exhibited in galleries in France, the United States, England, Canada, and more.